Flood Insurance

Wherever it rains, it can flood. Are you covered?
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Cyber Insurance

If you do business online, you're at risk
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Marketplace aka Obamacare

Special Enrollment Period is 60 days before or after loss of coverage
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Business Insurance

General Liability is applicable to every business
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Dehan Enterprises

Established in 1998, Dehan Enterprises is an all lines, insurance agency serving a range of clients, including families, entrepreneurs and small business owners, non-profits and private and public entities. The company partners with leading insurance and financial organizations which assist Dehan in providing innovative risk management solutions. High caliber insurance, financial products and financial education assist clients in the creation, accumulation, and protection of wealth.
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Protect individuals and families against losses that result from death, injury, loss of income, loss of property and personal lawsuits.
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Coverage for businesses that provides protection if someone is hurt, property is damaged, or your business is deemed negligent in the course of you performing your services.
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Medical & Employer Benefits

Helps to pay the cost of hospital expenses, surgical expenses and physician office visits incurred by an individual due to an illness or an injury.
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An obligation of a surety or insurance company to protect an individual or a business against financial loss caused by the acts of another party.
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Sandra Moody Gresham

Sandra Moody Gresham

Since 1981, Mrs. Gresham has worked as a professional insurance and financial services representative marketing a myriad of products from mutual funds to bonding. In 1998, she established Dehan Enterprises Insurance & Financial Services Agency, where she serves as Managing General Agent.


I have had the distinct pleasure of working with Dehan Enterprises for over a decade. In addition to Sandra just being a great person to work with, her and her team have been able to provide additional services and supports as our firm as grown. I particularly appreciate how Sandra anticipates what our growing needs are. Moreover, the team is always extremely responsive and professional to inquiries and requests. I highly recommend them!
We have successfully partnered with Dehan Enterprises since 2018. With the assistance we receive from Sandra Moody Gresham, we are able to deliver valuable insurance and surety services to a major client. Both Gallagher and the client appreciate the timely responses and commitment to service demonstrated by the Dehan team. Thank you for your diligence, we enjoy working with you!"
I have used Dehan Enterprises Insurance & Financial Services for a number of years to meet my business insurance needs. Whenever I need business insurance I reach out to Sandra for guidance and help with finding the best policy at a competitive price, and she’s never steered me wrong. Sandra is professional, responsive, and a true subject matter expert regarding insurance. I would recommend Dehan Enterprises Insurance & Financial Services to anyone in need of personal and/or business insurance.
Because of Sandra Moody Gresham’s consistent professionalism, variety of options, and attention to my best needs, it is a testament that Dehan Enterprises has taken care of my healthcare insurance options for over 30 years.
Dehan Enterprises is my go-to insurance agency, not only for my own family's personal insurance needs, but they are also the insurance agency I refer my clients to. Their expertise is second to none, and they are always quick to respond to any questions.
Working on our commercial auto insurance needs each year with Dehan Enterprises for the last 10 years has always been a positive experience. Sandra and her team are dedicated and exhaust a wide range of options in effort of finding the best rates and terms to choose from. Dehan Enterprises is a reliable, efficient, and experienced company that is willing to go the extra mile. We appreciate their periodic 'check ins' to verify that we are up to-date with any industry changes and their willingness to assist with claims and customer service contacts with the insurance provider. We are proud to be a client of Dehan, we KNOW they always have our back and look forward to many more years of service from them. 10/10 stars!
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